It’s that moment in the night when we become startled; our sight is impaired while we strain through every cricket, every wind-rustled leaf, every passing car, hoping they will hint at the threat in the shadows. We immediately look for the light; whether filtered through curtains, masked by trees, or a flickering porch light – it is our beacon of safety, and wherever it touches, we cannot be harmed. Once the sun goes down, it is natural to stay away from darkened areas; we park our cars in lots with huge halogens, install motion-sensitive flood lights, and sometimes we even keep lights on in our homes to keep out those that seek us in malice. However, in many news reports of stolen cars, beaten by-standers, muggings at gun-point, robberies, and murders, the perpetrators often seem to care little that the glow might give them away. Somehow though, we cling to the security of this luminous blanket, as if its borders create a dividing line between Good and Evil, a shield from iniquity. When perpetrators are not afraid of being discovered, how will the light protect you?
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