Alberta Beer Festivals

This mockup was created with the following case study in mind:

Target audience is 40,000 (primarily) men attending the Beer Festival. The public purpose is to educate (wow) them on the role Alberta agriculture plays in local and international beer production. The private purpose is to build a database of potential new customers to acquire. The client has a customer base that is too heavy in the older population and rural areas. They have several efforts underway that are intended to attract the young, urban market - and what better way than beer!

At the Beer Festival, they will run a lounge area with other partners. Each partner will have a booth with fun facts (and beer). At the end, the client will be there with 2-3 iPads where the attendee can test their knowledge to earn their “MBA”. The MBA will be earned by correctly answering 5-10 questions about beer production (with some fun ones put in to dial up the humour, like “how many beers have you consumed today?” and “What’s your favourite color?”). There will be a leaderboard that tracks top scores. Top scorers will receive additional prizes throughout the year like tailgate party invites.

They also want this to be year one of a multi-year engagement opportunity. Each year, they want to add “degrees” and new challenges. They want to award participants and degree holders with tokens (=free beer) for the next annual event. They also want to expand this to be an app that can be downloaded and possibly provide access to ticket sales for future events or special invites, etc.